Comment by berin_osborn

What has happened to this once beautiful brilliant uplulifting band ive seen at festivals and live shows. Did they get a handshake from the the 5 families dark slow depressing boring , lost 1/2 there talent at least . They were uniqie and full of class now playing towards main stream electrinic garbage. Nanna was in my opinion the most beautiful women on the planet just watched alligator in the typical red black and white clive davies club outfits her voice gone her looks fading their movements changed. Made my heart drop please i beg you guys to watch rocky get back to the old gym and find your souls they didnt come through customs i love you as a band the most.. but right now after watching dancing in the dark an energy filled classic ruined by a band that could of taken that song to new heights. We all slip up i have fallen to low fepths in my life anf thats why im identifying a collapse of a legend but believe your totally made of the right stuff and will find your true magic again not the one that took beyonce rhianna and other greats down . MICHAEL jackson and whiney houston would give you a talking too if they were here dont fall to the mob the way they did . Your a folk band with love not a black , lillac and white illuminati freak show . Please come home immediately a true fan xo